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2020 Give Back

The year in review

There is something to be said about closing out a year and heading into a new one. These are the moments we define ourselves, re-asses our values and hustle hard towards our goals.

We are excited to hit the shelves at Re:Plenish and announce more locations throughout this coming year. With your feedback we have crafted a new look and perfected our recipes.

The eco-initiative is something I hold very close to my heart and am so thankful to be able to share this through these products. We have decided to donate 2019 proceeds towards our first Ocean Clean event for 2020.

Thank you for your support during our launch. I look forward to building online presence and bringing our message to more local stores.

For the people who have been involved in this startup phase, please check your messages or inboxes for a very special Thank You!

Aleah Abram

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