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June Give Back

Thrilled to announce our Maiden Market Wednesday July 24th from 4-7:30pm. Collaborating with Southwest Edmonton Farmers’ Market (SWEFM) who support Sustainability & Local Business in our Community.

Local? Choose “On Location” pickup now for Free Shipping! Finished with your Soap, Spray, Toothpaste, Lotion or Scrub? Bring your bottles back for a Recycling Discount.

Proud to be Canadian! Beautiful untouched wilderness, the Great Canadian Rockies, endless forests, beachfront, islands and the SPACE to enjoy it all. But if travelling doesn’t give you a big fat slap of perspective I don’t know what will.

Choosing Consciousness over Convenience wasn’t always in the forefront of my mind. Not until the profound experience in Costa Rica did this really resinate.

“Climb the tree for the coconut, drink the water, create food, eat from the shell - Then throw it in the ocean so the cycle is complete”

Operating a business with complete Consciousness using Up-Cycled supplies, Post-Consumer Recycled products, Natural materials like Wood or Metal and Formulating recipes using Raw ingredients, Paper labels, Eco-tubes & Glass.

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