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What sets apart natural handmade product companies? Not much! However, making a line of 10 multi-use products of extremely high quality was something I needed in my life. What really came full circle? Tying this into a lifestyle that could erase my carbon footprint.

I know this sounds crazy but the average North American is responsible for 4.4lbs of plastic garbage per day and apparently 1.5lbs of that is recycled. Fun Fact, 10% ends up in the ocean. Don’t believe it? Go for a walk in the suburbs on garbage day.

The first mission is to become personally responsible for this. Travel is imminent and every time I explore the beauty in this world my heart breaks with it’s destruction. So why not donate some proceeds and do some good?

Heres the deal, If I’ve lived 11,530 days that means I'm accountable for 3,343.7lbs of wayward trash. Everyday you walk by and do nothing a little more plastic goes swimming for at least six lifetimes.

I’m not reinventing the wheel here, just making really good natural products, doing business in an eco-friendly way, living a healthy lifestyle and supporting what I believe in. Thanks for helping me give back to our Habitat!


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